Moroccan desert 4x4 car rental, minibus with driver.

Moroccan desert 4x4 car rental, minibus with driver.
26 03/19

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On the Atlantic coast, in the Great South, there is a magic bay. Between dunes and waves, live in osmosis with a nature full of secrets.


At the mouth of the Rio de Oro, Dakhla was founded in 1884 by the Spaniards. At the time, it was called Villa Cisneros. This small fishing port is at the edge of a beautiful lagoon with turquoise waters. 

In addition to hosting thousands of migratory birds including colonies of flamingos, the bay is home to the world's largest population of monk seals. Its waters are also frequented by rays and humpback dolphins. 

The grandiose Punta Sarga, at the southern end of the peninsula is the recommended site to observe.

Considered by surfing champions as one of the most beautiful spots in the world, the place is ideal for all water sports on the water.... but also on the sand dunes!
To feel in communion with nature, it is possible to sleep in khaïmats tents (traditional collective housing of the desert) in a surf camp. The sulfur water shower at 38 ° C of the thermal spring of Asmaa is to try it is reputedly excellent for the skin, breathing disorders and bones. The Rio de Oro Lagoon is also one of the most fish-rich areas in the world .
In surf casting, ie by fishing the feet at the edge of the water, it is possible to catch fish that can measure up to 2 meters and weigh up to 80 kilos.