Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In case of accident or theft of the vehicle, the deductible is the maximum amount remaining at your expense when the damage to the vehicle is covered by the insurance and in the absence of a deductible refund insurance.

The amount of the deductible varies depending on the vehicles and you can reduce this deductible by -50% by paying an extra €5 per day.

Book your car, all you need is a credit or debit card, your Driving Permit, and your passport and any other ID card.

Minimum 25 years old at pick-up date.

Once on the website, you will find our simulator displayed on the homepage. The simulator includes various information related to your rental like (date, time and place of the vehicle pick-up and drop-off...). The second step is to fill these various fields of the simulator, you will then see the different available cars displayed with prices, that price is the total price of your rental and not the price per day. Then follow the instructions.

Upon receipt of your rental application by our booking department, we treat it by checking availabilities on our system, and replying you by email within a maximum of 60 minutes. In our reply, either we will confirm your booking or we inform you of the unavailability of the desired vehicle on the date provided.

When the confirmation of your rental is sent, you will be asked to make the payment in two steps: The first is minimum 10% of total rental amount, required by our services to ensure the accuracy of the rental application. The amount of the deposit is determined based on the total rental amount, it's paid online after we validate your booking. The second is the total rental amount calculated on our website and sent in confirmation e-mail. It's paid via paypal or when taking the car, in Euros or dirhams, depending on your preference.

You can use our PAYPAL payment even if you do not have a Paypal account, you just need your credit card. Elseway, you can pay at arrival in our agency. But prepayment allows you and us to garatee the booking.

Fuel is not included in the rental. The rented comes with the fuel level left by the previous client. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the fuel level is not checked. If the fuel tank is empty, no charges are due, and if not empty, no reimbursement can be claimed.

You can drive a rental car only in Morocco and never beyond the borders.

Please check Rental conditions.

The guarantees offered by our car rental agency are the Persons and Car Damage Cover.

The prices displayed on the site are only the prices for the period you chose. Prices vary depending on the season (low or high). You can use our simulator to see the prices of a given period.

In case of breakdown our assistance service is operational 07 days a week and 24h/ 24 by calling WAFA ASSISTANCE at the following number : +212 6 6121-0810

In case of accident, a constable moves to the scene of the accident. A means of transportation will be at your disposal to transfer you to our rental agency.
A replacement vehicle can be delivered according to availability.

A rental car in Morocco costs on average 19 € per day