Eljadida car rental, mazagan beach resort

Eljadida car rental, mazagan beach resort
09 04/19

1Service Car car rental in el Jadida makes your visit spectacular.

With its walls facing the ocean, the old Portuguese city has now become a charming seaside resort. Old stones and beautiful beaches are on the program.

PORTUGUESE CITY: Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the former Mazagan became El Jadida (the new) in 1815. The Portuguese built this fortified city with five bastions originally. Only four still survive today. You will discover them by borrowing a perfectly preserved way of around. The bastion of the Angel offers a beautiful view of the city, the port, and the sea.

The San Sebastian bastion has a rough chapel of the Inquisition. A ramp allows you to go down to the Gate of the Sea. This hold overlooking the water had served the flight of the Portuguese in 1769.

Going up the main street you will reach the Portuguese cistern. Falling into oblivion, it was rediscovered by chance in 1916. A skylight illuminates the center of this underground room supported by five rows of columns. A beautiful setting where films such as Othello by Orson Welles or Harem by Arthur Joffé were shot. Continuing the walk you will come across the Assumption Church facing a mosque in the unique minaret. It is probably the only pentagonal in the world.


In addition to the beautiful, pleasant, and safe beaches on the south and north coasts of El Jadida is located 17 km from Azemmour, the ancient capital of the country Doukkala, located at the mouth of the river Oum Arabia, famous for its succulent shad (close to the sardine). You can offer a nice walk in the old streets of the medina.


Very well preserved, El Jadida is a historical and romantic setting perfect for strolling and enjoying the sea

El Jadida 1Service Car car rental: 

Thanks to the enhancement of its beaches, El Jadida sees the number of visitors increase from one year to another, with an el Jadida car rental you can visit the beach of Sidi Bouzid, which has a large attendance, this beach of 3Km, fine sand and clean clear water is one of the most popular in the region with that of ElOualidia, the latter is an exceptional natural site, with shallow lagoons, one of the few sites where we practice.