Cheap car rental Meknes Morocco.

Cheap car rental Meknes Morocco.
09 04/19

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Meknes is an endearing imperial capital where life is good. Despite the richness of its historical heritage, it has kept the simplicity of its origins.



In the 17th century, the Alawite sultan Moulay Ismaïl decided to make Meknes one of the most beautiful and powerful imperial cities of Morocco. Still protected by forty kilometers of walls, it has preserved imposing monuments, including many mosques that earned it the nickname of "City with a hundred minarets".

Among them, the Great Mosque, probably founded in the twelfth century, is remarkable for its doors with beautiful carved eaves. Its medina and the remains of the royal palace earned Meknes a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city is still prosperous, taking advantage of the crops of the rich Saïs plain (cereals, olive trees and vines).



 Considered one of the most beautiful gates in the world, Bab Mansour was built in the early eighteenth century. It opens onto the imperial city proper, where a visit to the Sultan's mausoleum remains a curiosity. You can also meditate at the edge of the Agdal basin, huge rectangular tank.

MARKETS AND PLACES ANIMEES: Meknes has one of the most popular medinas in Morocco. El Hedime Square, exactly located between the old town and the imperial part of the city, is home to the covered market and comes alive at dusk: fire-eaters, storytellers, animal showers and jugglers create an atmosphere of the most exotic.

TRADITIONAL CULTURE: The regional museum of ethnography, installed in the palace Dar Jamaï, articulates itself harmoniously around a superb Andalusian garden. Embroidery with gold thread, earthenware and antique jewelry give an exhaustive overview of the past splendors of the Kingdom.



31 km north of Meknes lies the largest Roman archaeological site in Morocco: Volubilis. Arch of triumph, capitol, house of Bacchus, all testifies to the splendor of the city and its economic and political weight. Not to mention the delicate delicacy of mosaics. Allow at least two hours to discover this open-air treasure.


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