Car rental in tiznit 4x4, minibus with driver

Car rental in tiznit 4x4, minibus with driver
09 04/19

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The territory of Tiznit occupies an area of ​​8,200 km². it is bounded on the north by CHTOUKA AIT BAHA, south GUELMIM, East TAROUDANT and west the Atlantic Ocean

The province of Tiznit is part of the western side of the Anti-Atlas. Tiznit, about 80 km south of Agadir, is a strategic crossroads between the mountains and the Tafraoute region, the Atlantic coast and the great Moroccan Sahara.

Tiznit is the starting point of the foundation of a dynasty, this was the case with the emergence of the Almoravid from the El Ouaggaguia madrasah to Aglou; foundation and radiation of a zaouia, in this case that of Sidi Ahmed or Moussa to which Sultan Saadi Abdellah El Ghalib paid a visit; dissent, the most notorious was led by the grandson of Sheikh Sidi Ahmed Ou Moussa who wanted to establish imara semilalia in Iligh abolished by the Alawite Sultan Moulay Rachid.

The history of the city is also linked to the special importance given to it by the Alawite Sultans. The Sultan Moulay Hassan first went to Tiznit twice, one in 1882 and the other in 1886. The walls of Tiznit were his work. Among the monuments that characterize the city of Tiznit, the Khalifa Palace (Qasr el Khalifi located at the El Mechouar Square) which housed the representative of the Sultan, the Mechouar Square and the Great Mosque.

The enclosure of Tiznit is a line of ramparts 7 km long and 8 m high flanked by 56 towers and pierced by five historical gates which are: Bab Aglou, Bab el Khemis, Bab Targa, Bab el Maader and Bab Oulad Jerrar. All these doors are of Alawite tradition and very strongly reminiscent of the city of Essaouira. The materials used for the curtain are rammed earth and rubble. For the openings of the doors, the workers resorted to cut stone.

Tiznit is the place of manufacture of the most beautiful jewels of the South, even of Morocco. There are daggers, pendants that attach to the chest or the forehead of women, all decorated with semi-precious stones and enamels.