Car rental in Rabat 4x4, limousine and minibus in Morocco

Car rental in Rabat 4x4, limousine and minibus in Morocco
09 04/19

1Service Car Car Hire Rabat makes your visit pleasant on the city of Rabat.
Sheltered from the ocean walls, medina and kasbah Oudayas make the heart beat of the Moroccan capital. An amazing medina.
The wall of the Andalusians, built in adobe in the seventeenth century, protects the south of the medina.

You can enter through the Bab El Had gate where the market is held on Sunday. There begins Souika Street, the largest and probably the most animated of the medina. It leads to the Great Mosque and leads to the souk Es Sebat ,the shoe market, covered with reed mats and teeming with hundreds of slippers, leather goods and handicrafts, as well as gold and silver jewelry. Then it is the rue des Consuls, partially covered by glass roofs, where craftsmen work under your eyes and make carpets of high wool, fabrics and brass. Going up towards the north, we approach the door of the Oudayas.

This fortress district has preserved its old cannons placed on a bastion. Its door, beautiful and massive, is entirely carved and one of the towers is home to three art galleries. The white and blue facades create a very Mediterranean atmosphere, Its cobblestone streets will take you to El Atiqa Mosque, the oldest mosque in the city, then to the platform of the old semaphore. From here, as from the terrace of the Maure café next door, the view of Rabat,
its neighbor Salé and the meeting of the wadi Bouregreg with the ocean is simply splendid. At the top, the Oudayas Palace, now home to the National Museum, has retained its original ornamentation, with sobriety and balance. The Andalusian garden at its feet is a haven of peace planted with fruit trees, oleanders and bougainvillea waterfalls.

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