Car rental in Fez cheap in Morocco.

Car rental in Fez cheap in Morocco.
09 04/19

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The imperial city is the capital of the traditional culture of Morocco. Cradles of knowledge, its superb medersas are the flamboyant symbol.


A medersa is a school where the Koran is taught and all the classical subjects of knowledge: mathematics, grammar, history, astronomy, medicine…
In Morocco, and especially in Fez, the function of the medersa is also to welcome students from other regions.
Generally, it is organized around a central courtyard with a fountain. Classes are taught under the rich arcades on the sides.

The Karaouiyine mosque is one of the largest in Morocco. It houses the university considered the oldest in the world, founded in the middle of the ninth century,
time when the fundamental subjects were theology, grammar and Koranic law. Opposite, the Madrasa El-Attarine is considered the most beautiful of the medina.

The Mérinides erected this masterpiece between 1323 and 1325. Its interior court is beautifully decorated. The walls are covered with suras carved in wood or plaster. The fountain and marble columns are decorated with zelliges.

Built between 1350 and 1357, it is the largest in Fez.
From the entrance, beautiful with its heavy doors to the bronze leaves, you will be impressed by the profusion of earthenware, the refinement of plaster and carved wood and carved stalactites called mukarnas, the signature of Merinide architecture.
The courtyard, in onyx and marble, is surmounted by an awning of green tiles typical of Fez.

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