Agadir 4x4 car rental, minibus and airport transfer

Agadir 4x4 car rental, minibus and airport transfer
09 04/19

Car rental in Agadir with 1Service Car.
The city of Agadir is the first Moroccan seaside resort, a city with 500,000 inhabitants. it is a modern city since it was rebuilt at the dawn of the 1960 earthquake.

Agadir has become in recent years the resort of choice for seaside tourism in Morocco. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean and has one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco with tens of kilometers of sand. The history of the city of Agadir dates back to the 2nd century BC and it enjoyed great prosperity during the Portuguese colonization in 1505.

Currently, Agadir is a joyful tourist in Morocco, since it is considered the 1st seaside resort in the country.

In addition, Agadir has a large port in the city and a marina. Its climate offers more than 300 days of sunshine a year. The climate is mild in winter and very moderate in summer.

The economy of the city of Agadir is based on three sectors: tourism, fishing, and agriculture in the regions. The tourism sector is very developed in a modern city, with international standards. The agriculture of the city participates enormously in the economy of the country with the exportation of citrus produced in the regions of the city.
The city of Agadir is served by a major international airport and a new highway to Marrakech and a coastal road to Essaouira.
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