Rental Conditions

General Rental Conditions




I acknowledge having visited the vehicle and found that its condition is perfect. And I pledge not to touch the lead or the meter or pay 1Service Car the amount corresponding to 200Km / day.


1. Also I undertake to return the vehicle, with all its tires, accessory tools and equipment, to the station 1Service Car of the city where the vehicle was rented, or to the date and the place envisaged for the restitution. or at a date prior to the specified date 1 Service Car request, the non-refund on the scheduled date may be considered a misappropriation exposing me to legal proceedings.

2. The five tires are in good condition on delivery, the wear is norman, but in case of abnormal deterioration or cutting of one, I undertake to replace immediately by another of the same brand and same size .

3. At the end of the rental, I will return all necessary documents, to the conduit of the vehicle, otherwise the parts are essential to rent. I pledge to pay to 1Service Car days late delivery of said coins.


I acknowledge that the vehicle is in good working order and in good condition and I am required to pay for the fuel consumed during the rental period. Repairs from an abnormal failure or negligence on my part (checking water levels, oil, gearbox) will be my responsibility.

Repairs resulting from a normal breakdown will be the responsibility of 1Service Car and will be subject to an invoice paid, detailed and accompanied by defective parts replaced, in any case. I will not be able to claim a late payment, either at the delivery of the vehicle. Cancellation of rental or necessary repairs during the rental.


The amount of the rental is payable in advance, the deposit is mandatory, it can not be used for extension without the agreement of 1Service Car.

In case 1Service Car gives me the extension, I agree to send the amount of the additional rental 48 hours before the expiry of the current lease.

I undertake not to oppose the payment by the deposit or guarantee left if this deposit rules:  - Unjustified damage  -Loss of papers  -Money or other charges depending on the case, provided that 1Service Car provides the necessary supporting documents.


All fines, expenses and taxes on any traffic, parking or other violations of the law during the term of this contract are at my expense.


I promise that the vehicle will not be used: 1-For the transport for a consideration of passengers that remuneration has been fixed expressly or implicitly.

2-For the transport of goods in cons-band resulting immobilization or the seizure of vehicle by the authorities under penalty of paying to 1Service Car the price of vehicle following the argus of the year plus an allowance of 20.000.00dh, as well all charges that 1Service Car has made in case of legal proceedings.

3- To propel or pull any vehicle or trailer.

4-In the context of motor sport competitions.

5-By any person under the influence of spirits or narcotics.

6-In addition the vehicle may be driven only by the designated persons on this contract, subject to the prior authorization of 1Service Car, and provided that the said persons are at least 25 years old, and holders of a regulatory driver's license for at least one year.


I acknowledge having read the terms and conditions of the 1Service Car insurance policy and I agree to: 1. To pay to 1Service Car the costs incurred to repair any damage, collision or other damage caused to the vehicle under my responsibility and during the term of this contract. This responsibility will be

a-Limit to the maximum amount indicated in the current rate on 1Service Car brochures.

 b-Dismissed if I agree to pay in advance the fee provided in case of waiver by 1Service Car of said damage; acceptance found by the apposition of my initials in the box reserved for this purpose on this contract and bearing the expression "I accept" my initials in the box reserved for this purpose on this contract, I will benefit from the guarantee in accordance with the relevant provisions mentioned in the brochures 1Service Car the tariff in force.

Are not included in this warranty. Radio set, telephone, accessories, normal deterioration of tires, damage to organs below the vehicle. Any clothing or objects in which the customer remains his own insurer.

The customer will be able to release his participation to the expenses for an additional insurance, in case of accident, these supplements of insurance do not include the repatriation of the car nor the expenses of immobilization estimated at 50% of the price of the hiring per day (maximum 30 days)

Note :

1Service Car can not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to any goods and valuables transported or left in or on the vehicle during the term of this contract or after the return of the vehicle to 1Service Car any liability for any actions, costs claims and damages resulting from such losses or damages.


I hereby give my consent to the said police and I undertake to observe the terms and conditions. I also undertake furthermore under penalty of being deprived of the benefit of the insurance, to take all necessary measures to protect the interests of 1Service Car and its insurance company in case of accident during the duration of the this contract and in particular:

1-To collect in writing the name and address of the persons in cause and witnesses.

 2-Not to recognize his responsibility or fault, nor to compromise with third parties.

3-A do not abandon the vehicle without taking care of insurance its safeguard and its security.

4-To provide a detailed account by telephone to the nearest 1Service Car station.

5-To immediately warn the police if there is no one to be established or if there are wounded.

 6-A notify 1Service Car of the place and time of the accident.

7-To declare in writing, the losses in the five following days (24 hours for the flight) with the support of the statement of the police or the gendarmerie, noting the names and addresses of the parties in question and witnesses .

8-To pay to 1servicecar in case of accident responsible a francise of:


A            10.000Dh                  B             12.000Dh             C               14.000Dh

D/E        17.000Dh                   F             19.000Dh            Aff             21.000Dh

Safari     23.00Dh                    Prestige  25.000Dh           Limousine 50.000Dh

The deductible insurance franchise producing its full effect after establishment of a statement in case of accident.


1-I shall not, under any circumstances, assign, sell, hypothecate or layout the vehicle, this contract, its equipment or tools or treat them in a manner that is prejudicial to 1Service Car. 2-Any modifications made to the clauses and conditions of this contract if they are not recorded in writing, will be null and void.

3- This lease shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country where the contract was signed. For any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of this contract, the parties give exclusive jurisdiction to the courts of the registered office of 1Service Car.


 1-For the residents it is obligatory to fill out and sign the Preliminary declaration of car rental without driver, this document is attached to the contract

 2-For non-residents: I give my consent and agree to pay any contravention of the Highway Code during my rental period via my credit card. It is obligatory to fill in and sign the annex to the rental contract the con residents. This document is attached to the contract.